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Don't know why I made this.
suggestive139703 artist:papadragon691261 queen chrysalis34310 spike77919 changedling8082 changeling46101 dragon54608 anthro254089 3d73383 armpits42590 bedroom eyes58088 breasts270199 busty queen chrysalis3556 chryspike97 clothes449584 comic107241 dialogue63954 female1338121 flower24983 gigachad spike763 lidded eyes29873 looking at each other19438 male363336 musk781 older25953 older spike5122 onomatopoeia4011 purified chrysalis169 reformed295 shipping196538 sound effects2009 source filmmaker44825 straight133610


not provided yet


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Background Pony #3381
What are those stains on Chryss’ top? Is that sweat? It looks like an ink stain.
Background Pony #ED3A
Well, this isn't what I was expecting. Wasn't the next supposed to be about a bird bath or something? But we got this instead.