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suggestive136698 artist:reiduran1291 sci-twi23280 twilight sparkle293530 equestria girls193117 big breasts77513 breasts264587 busty sci-twi620 busty twilight sparkle11501 choker11061 cleavage33208 clothes440851 dress42747 female1317275 high heels10521 huge breasts36401 humanized97839 lab coat2113 legs7886 little black dress230 minidress150 no underwear262 pen1176 ponytail16959 schrödinger's pantsu365 sexy27819 shoes34209 simple background375751 solo1029916 solo female175246 stiletto heels312 stupid sexy sci-twi115 stupid sexy twilight903 thighs11689 white background93140


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Background Pony #F642
Miss Twilight looks really sexy! Definitely now the classes worth the time.
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1. Girl wearing GlassesL check
2. Girl wearing "LBD" (Little Black Dress): CHeck.
3. Girl wearing white Lab Coat over LBD : Check.
4. Girl with ample Bosom: Double Check.

Now then:
if 1 plus 2 plu3 plus 4 equals "10", then what can be better?

Answer: Have Girl get Rid of Number 2. Them she'll be 12..instead of 10.

Does anyone want to dispute the math here? I'll gladly show my Math work.
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Background Pony #F4CC
We NEED an version of this picture were Twilight has her hair lose. 💖
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