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Drawing for drawing’s sake. :)  
Would be an episode if it features all four of them.

safe2175442 artist:thescornfulreptilian611 gummy5676 paprika (tfh)1527 pinkie pie255969 silverstream7698 somnambula2418 alligator1766 alpaca1612 classical hippogriff6404 earth pony446766 hippogriff13555 pegasus496981 pony1603742 them's fightin' herds7810 g42030407 :p14403 abstract background24142 clothes635015 cloven hooves16615 community related8244 crossover73152 cute265921 daaaaaaaaaaaw7017 diapinkes12607 diastreamies1364 egyptian1867 egyptian headdress662 egyptian pony940 female1804011 glowpaz126 jewelry113230 looking at you259578 male551242 mare741797 necklace32395 one eye closed45777 paprikadorable70 smiling397817 somnambetes227 sunburst background1118 tongue out147311 wings223282 wink32942


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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Since we have Council of Shy Ponies, should we also get a kind of group name for these hyper energetic characters? I vote for Council of Hyper Creatures. :D