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safe1654355 artist:banebuster162 princess celestia92935 oc652727 oc:anon11371 alicorn214376 human149867 pony918817 series:tiny tia107 blushing188936 cute191894 cutelestia3486 dialogue62791 ethereal mane7389 ethereal tail351 eyes closed87858 father531 female1317924 holding a pony2835 laughing7631 male355886 mare456423 missing cutie mark4373 older25314 open mouth136347 spread wings51723 tickling4488 wings96410


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

I mean, if we assume he was 20-23 when he met her and she was an infant or a young baby, and if Alicorns have a huge lifespan in the 20-100 thousands, by the time she's equal to an 18yo he'd be like 520-620yo :D
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