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Finale ponies came out for SFM, so I decided to make use of them.

Link to models:
safe1658753 artist:red4567894 cozy glow7099 lord tirek5129 luster dawn1441 queen chrysalis34000 spike77254 twilight sparkle294172 alicorn215234 centaur3188 changeling45121 changeling queen15110 dragon53517 pegasus273345 pony922875 unicorn304000 the last problem5444 3d71655 a better ending for chrysalis100 a better ending for cozy140 a better ending for tirek29 awkward962 color failure1 comic105862 female1321674 filly63975 gigachad spike746 good end548 older25446 older spike4988 princess twilight 2.02184 reformed289 sfm pony1057 shocked6588 shocked expression821 source filmmaker43850 squee1950 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121077 you had one job468


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Background Pony #0796
@Background Pony #EF53
Also if I were hating on them for trying to kill characters I grew up with id imagine that would be a good thing since the fandom no longer seems to loves the mane 6 anymore
Background Pony #BFD6
Chrysalis: Well, Hello there strong dragon. Who you might be? Are you single any chance of being a partner to a royal Queen.
Spike: First, What??? Second, I'm the one that yow trying to pull his wings off years ago. Third, Definitely, No!!!

Most likely going to be Spike banging Chrysalis there due to how he's a hunk now.

Cozy Glow and Tirek are essentially absolutely powerless, so thankfully Twilight has nothing to worry about from them.
Background Pony #15FF
One is a foal, another is a weakling centaur without an army of magic stored in him, and another got dunked on by a mere clone of Twilight. So, unless they somehow managed to escape, Equestria is most certainly not boned.
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Background Pony #892F
I mean this in the nicest way possible,
but while reading that long post I gave myself a headache trying to keep my sense of English together.
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Background Pony #9130
Cozy: Don't worry, I learn my lesson…please don't turn me to stone…i ready to learn of friendship for real(she really scare of be turn to stone)
Tirek: I will be honest, as first i want use your student for my revenge, but i remember what i get alter use Discord and the fact be turn to stone, a make me think a lot…so i will you a chance of this friendship…but we not friend yet, Luster dawn!(he really nervures)
Chrysalis: I be thinking a lot in stone, yes as first , i want revenge, but alter your student a tell us what you a done to this demon lord…i don't want finish like him!(she smile like a idiot but hide very well her fear of what she a learn)
Twilight: ….First of all, this demon lord, is can't not be reform, his death is need it but he will return in 2000 years and Luster, I know you want make good impression, but next time, ask me first, and for you 3, I will give you a chance and you better learn it and if you try to do like the last time, I will turn you to stone and set you on the moon forever got it?
Cozy: YES PRINCESS TWILIGHT!(she really scare of be on the moon and be turn to stone forever)
Tirek: YES PRINCESS TWILIGHT!(he really don't want be go on the moon in stone statue)
Chrysalis: YES PRINCESS TWILIGHT!(she really scare of be set to the moon in stone and have never feel love again)
Twilight: Good but as safety you will wear those on your neck, is will tell everypony and everycreature you are in reform progam and a guard will escort you every time you are out the castle, but you are not allow to be out ponyville wont, i approve it, got it and i want your set me a friendship lesson letter everytime you a learn it and NOT copy on the friendship lesson i learn it, you must learn it in your own feeling and your self, oh and is no time limit when you set me a friendship lesson letter but when you a learn it and put on paper, gift it to the guard or Starlight for gift it to me, Ok?
Cozy: Yes Princess Twilight, i will work more hard as before and you will be proud of me, Pinkie promise!
Chrysalis: I will work hard for one day be see as a better changeling and maybe i can be a better queen for my people!
Twilight: Oh Yes but Chrysalis, for the time of your lesson, you are no longer a queen, ones you finish your lesson, all the leader of equestria include the changeling, will take the decision if you a queen or not but even you are not be queen, you be still be a free changeling, oh and don't force your self to turn as a reformed changeling, learn it in your own way, Ocellus, will tell you how the changeling a become to the eyes of every creature and how be good member of equestria, Oh i remember, some of my guards are changeling too!
Chrysalis: WHA?! really?!
Spike: Yes and many none pony a join the royals and safe equestria against demon invasion!
Chrysalis: How must i miss ?
Ocellus: Don't worry, i will tell you all you need to learn, Chrysalis, before i use to be scare of you but not anymore!
Twilight: Tirek this necklets will prevent you to steal magic and can't be remove out side a special room for you, if you be good, the more you be good, the more you regain your formal self but everytime you do something bad, you lose all and start to zero, Got it?
Tirek: Yes Princess!
Twilight: Good, I will come see every month to see how must you learn to my own eyes, remember this is your last chance, don't crew up, now excuse me must tell to all the leader of your reform program, OH one last thing, Discord will tell me everything wrong you a done, so don't try play smarter the other, or you will be set to the moon in stone statue, OK?
Twilight: And you Luster, this is your mess, so is you will guide them to be a better creature, got it?
Luster: Yes Princess Twilight and if i need some of your guiding, i will ask you!
Twilight: Good, have a nice day!
Background Pony #1DD8
My headcanon is Twilight Sparkle sends the trio to Luster Dawn trying to reform them like how Celestia sent Discord to Fluttershy.
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I think it has never been told from anyone, but I believe the spell I think Celestia and Luna used was the Petrification spell. Plus, I don't know how Luster Dawn found the statue, but she sure has gotten herself into trouble, knowing for the fact the her mentor have been enemies long time ago and still wouldn't be trusted even if they have been set free.

@Background Pony #8B81
Twilight still wouldn't trust Cozy and her teammates after what they back then.

@Background Pony #EF53
It's up to the writers to decide this, however.
Background Pony #BEB7
Twilight should be more supportive of this. Those three do deserve a second chance, after all.
Background Pony #8B81
Cozy: "Hi… Sorry for trying take over the world. We are good now. Please don't put us back into stone."