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Kisses Trixie on the cheek
Trixie : Hey, you spooked Trixie
Grapefruit Face : Sorry, love… do you want any help? I'm sure you need a rest after a busy day performing magic with Starlight
Trixie : Hmm, the Great and Powerful Trixie could use some time to herself, thanks! <3
Grapefruit Face : Anything for my princess <3

Just a tiny slice of wholesome married life between grapefruit pone and magic pone <3
Base used amgiwolf
I no longer accept any requests, sorry
safe1680371 artist:amgiwolf992 artist:grapefruitface11013 trixie66505 oc668202 oc:grapefruit face147 pony942573 unicorn312531 apple15932 base used18973 blushing193163 canon x oc24427 female1339620 food68461 grapexie136 horn62628 housewife233 indoors2760 kiss on the cheek1724 kissing24201 kitchen1780 male363907 mare468176 married couple974 one eye closed29606 remake536 shipping196767 stallion105296 straight133791 unicorn oc7605 washing300


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