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The only reason why I want to get the Switch port of 3D World.
safe1676895 artist:tsitra3601227 angel bunny9745 discord30424 fluttershy209597 draconequus11023 pegasus280495 pony939592 animal costume1961 bowser's fury8 bowsercord6 caption21140 cat costume205 cat mario15 clothes449030 costume26959 crossover61075 dialogue63870 female1336791 fluttercat157 fluttershy is not amused364 folded wings5706 frown22458 fury bowser4 fury bowsercord2 giant pony4522 giantshy191 giga cat mario3 giga fluttercat2 kigurumi597 lightning3064 looking at each other19381 looking at someone482 macro10646 mare466721 nintendo3524 open mouth140181 outdoors9842 paw gloves118 rain5969 scolding99 sitting61426 stern91 storm780 subtitles1433 super mario 3d world50 super mario bros.3797 text58105 unamused15759 wings101131


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Wow, this is fantastic! Absolutely amazing!
Yeah, from what I have seen in the show Fluttershy and Discord aren't nearly as antagonistic to each other as Mario and Bowser have historically been throughout the Mario series of games, since Fluttershy and Discord are still close friends whereas Bowser has always been the main antagonist of the Mario series. That said, I think there are several points in FiM where a scene like this would make sense. Fluttershy has always been the type of pony to give Discord a good scolding when he steps out of line, which consistently results in Discord being just as uncomfortable as he seems to be in this particular image. Such a beautiful way of conveying those 'Flutterstare' moments.