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So we've learned some things. Baby sirens are very smol, they live in water, Aria has always been grompy, and some day she'll be big and you'll be sorry :P
safe1679883 artist:badumsquish1908 derpibooru exclusive27732 aria blaze9605 human151988 siren2049 angry26590 annoyed5385 ariabetes366 baby10282 baby siren4 carp meme3 cute195812 female1339156 frown22481 glare8196 grumpy2501 hand8542 holding a siren1 looking at you163699 madorable657 ocean6159 offscreen character33172 ponified animal photo604 pov13683 show accurate14248 size difference13845 smol587 solo focus16463 true form250 unamused15802 water12782 young1587


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Are they really evil though? I mean, they prey on ponies and humans, yes, but that's like a predator/prey kind of relationship. In fact when they were depowered for good they went straight and stopped doing evil stuff altogether, so think they're only "evil" the way a shark is evil from the perspective of a fish. Still villainous, yes, but I think that makes the less evil than any character who chose to do evil because they wanted something or felt they were wronged by the world :P