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Crystal Rainbow Colors of Christmas.  
Absolute epicness. :D

Finally finished this combination style after way too many slowdowns in Inkscape (probably because of all the mane hairs :p).
Wall of Tags image #2800.🥳 and red image #666. o.o
safe1949599 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan499 derpibooru exclusive33933 oc825276 oc only607005 oc:nocturnal vision52 alicorn270420 pony1299766 absurd resolution70776 alicorn oc32365 alternate design3978 alternate hairstyle33002 alternative cutie mark placement1996 aura1025 awesome612 blue1406 clothes551160 colored pupils11757 colored wings9523 colorful569 colors of christmas2 crystal3411 crystalline46 crystallized1574 crystallized pony41 determined896 determined face46 determined look135 determined smile66 drawstrings29 facial cutie mark195 female1582633 glowing11551 glowing cutie mark456 glowing hair76 glowing horn24827 gradient hooves852 gradient mane1492 gradient tail451 gradient wings1125 green785 hoodie17509 horn113134 inkscape2216 large filesize11 looking up20296 magic85330 mistletoe1985 multicolored wings3842 music notes4068 nc-tv41 nc-tv:creator ponified43 neck line16 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie24 ponified45960 rainbow power3005 rainbow power-ified694 rainbow wings763 realistic mane54 red771 shine292 shine like rainbows131 shiny3295 simple background492021 smiling324536 solo1248836 sparkles6304 sparkling204 sparkly96 sparkly wings292 standing17561 striped hoodie41 transparent background243831 vector83536 wall of tags5285 white500 wing sleeves312 wings169853


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