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May I present you:
The Male Six✨
safe1806950 artist:lrusu667 part of a set14884 applejack177208 fluttershy222484 pinkie pie224817 rainbow dash243745 rarity190122 twilight sparkle313015 earth pony289402 pegasus331756 pony1145634 unicorn366507 applejack (male)1096 bandage6057 bandana5681 bubble berry1660 butterscotch1908 chest fluff44506 choker14160 colored sketch3083 colored wings7460 dusk shine2468 elusive1225 eye clipping through hair7627 eyebrows9342 eyebrows visible through hair4847 floppy ears56717 flying41216 folded wings8084 freckles31593 group3884 leonine tail9741 lidded eyes33453 long tail2533 looking at you185850 male406597 male six153 mane six33279 one eye closed34538 rainbow blitz2470 rule 6328359 short hair2150 short mane1007 signature28673 simple background431721 smiling279739 spread wings60788 stallion124716 straw in mouth1123 tail wrap6997 unshorn fetlocks29768 white background108297 wings136057 wink26742


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Good ain't nice
Pinkie is winking because she’s the protagonist of a reverse harem. It would explain why we never saw a solo male Pinkie image.
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