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safe1636252 edit125353 edited screencap60570 editor:quoterific532 screencap213393 first base252 linky1467 little red160 parasol598 peach fuzz258 pound cake2469 princess cadance31469 princess flurry heart6798 pumpkin cake2207 shining armor22333 shoeshine1582 spike76546 twilight sparkle291303 whammy129 alicorn210311 dragon51944 earth pony222765 pony901377 unicorn293740 a flurry of emotions1224 angry25485 belly buzz10 book31944 diaper12832 flurry heart is not amused52 force field606 glowing horn18185 hoof pointing31 horn55300 magic69578 magic aura3480 offscreen character31869 raspberry929 roar263 strong200 tummy buzz181 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119757 unamused14973 worried3682


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