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safe1636291 artist:theotherpony5 part of a set10522 oc640980 oc only425826 oc:mythic dawn38 bat pony46147 pony901417 animated95166 bat pony oc15647 bat wings8228 blushing185945 commission60966 cute189165 eyebrows visible through hair1229 fangs23343 female1302340 gif29304 hair tie744 kissing23414 looking away3490 mare448271 ocbetes4651 perfect loop1264 ponytail16700 purple eyes1996 simple background369618 smiling229489 smiling at you2369 solo1017772 wings92296 ych result19158


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E7B3
It is fine as it is, I just think adding a moment's hesitation before the kiss would make it even cuter. But if you don't wanna do it, that's completely fine.
Background Pony #E7B3
This is pretty cute, but it's a bit too fast, IMO. Could we get a slightly slowed-down version? Just 10-15% slower would be good.