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THIS GUY -→ http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-17/sc5-raphael.html

Raphael Sorel from the Soul Calibur Series!
This design from SoulCalibur V (5)
I'd take this flamboyant guy over Edward(twilight) any day.

His now vampire hunter-esk design in SC5 does make me wonder if he really is a vampire or not. Raphael is who I played quite a bit of in SC4, to be honest I don't actually think he is a vampire but more of some sort of poor guy who got tainted by Soul Edge. I need to get my hands on SC5 and find out more. (Someone who plays a fighting game expecting story? Blasphemy!)

His design was a pain to get into pony form especially those bloody gauntlets he wears, a pony can't have claws! That's ridiculous! He can have one claw for each hoof. (So glad I didn't choose Zhang He from Dynasty Warriors…)


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