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I actually made this one ages ago and haven't uploaded it til now. I just wasn't sure of it. I think I'm not fond of his name really but can't think of much better. I liked the idea of him having a complicated, exotic sounding snake name but a shorter version as a nickname that he normally goes by
I took ages on like, every part of this. Especially when it came to trying to put together a name that sounded right, and that front view headshot took me like a while day and many experiments too.

Overall this is pretty messy as a ref… but he's an absolute cutie and I love him.
Shy and insecure snek needs love and cuddles!
safe1639101 artist:fluffyxai527 oc642879 oc only426773 oc:cal2 pegasus265979 pony904866 snake2602 coils1054 cuddling8032 eyes closed86221 hypnosis3253 kaa eyes445 open mouth133398 question mark4257 reference sheet11505 reflection3033 sweat24712 sweatdrops502 text55047 tongue out97285 unnamed character522


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@Background Pony #7E8F

@Background Pony #7E8F
Hypnosis is just fun. and it's just an ability that these creatures have in my little universe as part of their… would magic still count as biology? XD
it's a "special kind of magic they have that can dazzle and fascinate ponies, to make them easier to catch!" It's just meant to be like a fun tricky thing they have as 'predators'. Which is just biologically what they are.
But it's as Algebroot Neogears was referring to, this character specifically doesn't want to eat ponies, because that's a mean thing to do!

The open mouth shot was more for reference purposes. Wasn't meant as a vore thing.
In my mind, he's getting a check-up or something, hence the speech text.
Background Pony #58AF
Cal: "I've been hearing the same thing my whole life: 'How did your egg end up in the nest, Cal?'"
Emotional Support Pony: "Well, siblings can be cruel sometimes—"
Cal: "Who's talking about siblings? That was my mother!!!"