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Seems Soar has had all he can take of hiding his admiration for Dash. Let's just hope for his sake that the big tough mare is mostly appreciative of his gesture…

colorless version: >>2527287
suggestive135301 artist:astrum31 rainbow dash226547 soarin'13628 pegasus265977 anthro245635 plantigrade anthro29934 abs10135 amazon560 biceps1052 big breasts75954 blushing186421 boob squish1252 bottle3821 breasts260750 busty rainbow dash7729 butt46860 clothes435517 deltoids202 digital art15902 duo54659 eyes closed86220 female1304916 floppy ears48894 flying36175 hand on cheek117 height difference571 holding head2583 kissing23453 larger female614 male351064 mare449644 muscles11013 muscular female1389 muscular male289 onomatopoeia3769 pants13384 rainbuff dash800 rainbutt dash3292 shipping191528 shirt22988 shocked6395 shocked expression773 shoes33548 shorts13109 simple background370703 size difference13233 sketch60024 smaller male554 soarindash4691 sports bra2793 sports shorts999 spread wings50787 stallion100633 straight129953 surprised8720 t-shirt4097 thighs10780 thunder thighs7563 water12212 water bottle450 wide eyes16529 wings92995 workout outfit659


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>Hopefully at some point you’ll actually be able to see everything.

>I’m still not that comfy with drawing whole legs and feet
Oh. I thought you were talking about nudity.
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A stallion’s gotta do what a stallion’s gotta do! XD

*Warning: success may result in minor bodily harm dependent on amazon girlfriend’s tsundere status and volume of witnesses of said kiss.

@˗ˋˏ ✦ Cumulus ✦ ˎˊ
Thanks so much, I love drawing these love birds a lot! :D

Hopefully at some point you’ll actually be able to see everything. I’m still not that comfy with drawing whole legs and feet, hence most of my characters are cut off somewhere around the thigh, haha!