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How much pocky would a pega-pone pock if a pega-pone could pock pocky?
safe1770674 artist:taytinabelle144 derpibooru exclusive29721 applejack174852 fluttershy219120 earth pony274828 pegasus316966 pony1030701 applejack is not amused793 blushing207497 bust53979 cowboy hat17758 cute208159 duo66325 ear fluff32332 female1419302 food74174 frown23952 gentlemen163 grumpy2649 hat92123 high res34685 mare511443 mouth hold18365 pocky446 shyabetes14696 simple background415944 unamused17012 white background104436


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Background Pony #7715
A pega-pone would pock all the pocky a pega-pone could pock if a pega-pone could pock pocky.
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The MLP Lover-Fan
Fluttershy can get sick from trying to eat all of those at once. The easiest way is just take one at a time and share some with Applejack.