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She knew she wasn't ready for how he'd handle finding out her aunt killed his dad after he kidnapped her as a baby, but she certainly wasn't expecting THAT kind of response. Turns out having an evil overlord father who uses dark curse powers to conquer countries will turn you real emo real quick :P
safe1637152 artist:badumsquish1877 derpibooru exclusive26494 princess flurry heart6811 oc641525 oc:dour1 oc:prattle4 alicorn210577 changeling43987 pony902499 unicorn294228 alcohol6760 alleyway392 beer1574 beer bottle202 bottle3812 canon x oc23380 clothes434686 crystal empire2183 curved horn6291 duo54512 dyed mane288 emo736 eye contact6293 eyeliner963 female1303099 heart45387 horn55444 implied king sombra125 jacket11638 lipstick10358 looking at each other18274 makeup19720 male350344 mare448608 metalocalypse115 older24855 older flurry heart1272 parent:king sombra1176 private flurry heart4 shipping191269 sitting58900 stallion100318 straight129788


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I certainly doubt he was good father material, if he was even there at all :P

Sort of. He has his dad's powers but not nearly as refined since he rarely if ever uses them. It's why his horn isn't all effed up. He's a decent guy though, moreso because of his friendship with Flurry Heart much to the chagrin of her family. She has a thing for bad boys XD

@Background Pony #A05A
I like to make her more like her father since in the show she like exclusively resembles her mom, so I made her beefier and with weaker magic and she's more physical :D

@Background Pony #E4C0
Sort of. It pisses her parents off more than the changeling she was dating before :P

Technically Thorax and his hive are the defectors :P

@Dirty Bit
His best move is basically like Cecil's Dark Wave :D