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GIF version of an animatic found on SlideShare
Tagging as spoiler just in case since some people are convinced that it is indeed G5 spoilers. Feel free to change or whatever.

Update: Their resume says they worked for Boulder Media as a Story Artist on a TBA CGI Feature Movie. Could've been scrapped by then though, which is maybe why they were okay with uploading it?
safe1676911 artist:marylene sun3 editor:squeaky-belle20 applejack167504 fluttershy209603 pinkie pie213379 rainbow dash230619 rarity179172 twilight sparkle296752 alicorn218796 earth pony237972 pegasus280505 pony939601 unicorn311276 g52331 my little pony: a new adventure132 leak737 spoiler:my little pony: a new adventure110 animated97145 animatic414 female1336801 filly64802 gif30109 male362807 mane six31467 pony history222 stallion104887 sunny starscout?1 unnamed character548 unnamed pony1819


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@Background Pony #4892
My thought exactly. This probably take place in the future and those 2 ponies are reminiscing the period where the Mane 6 lived the bulk of their adventures (the period covered by FIM)
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@Algebroot Neogears
But these mane 6 are younger. If they really were the protagonists, why use their young versions? They are older by the end of the series with the exception of Twilight.
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@Algebroot Neogears
Methinks you're exagerating a little bit. It looks like your standard exposition scene to me. The unamed character litteraly do a little dance to present the 3 types of ponies and the concept of cutie mark. From what i see,the animatic just say "this is Equestria where pegasus/unicorns/earth pony lives in harmony and the Mane 6 are no stranger to that era of prosperity we lives in so we look up to them.Life here is totes cool and idlyllic and later something is probably going to shake up all that
Algebroot Neogears
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The more I look at it; the more I think something is off.

I think they are really trying too hard to drive the Mane 6 into the ground here. If I'm looking at this right; I think just about every scene shown here in the animatic has G4's Mane 6 in it.
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Who is kbstarflower3? Shouldn't the artist tag be named Marylene Sun like it said on the source?
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@H.L. Xkcess
Uh, that's only the NY Toy Fair being cancelled, Hasbro wouldn't announce non-toyetic announcements there methinks. It may have a digital event to announce media relating to its IPs tho.