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GIF version of an animatic found on SlideShare
Tagging as spoiler just in case since some people are convinced that it is indeed G5 spoilers. Feel free to change or whatever.

Update: Their resume says they worked for Boulder Media as a Story Artist on a TBA CGI Feature Movie. Could've been scrapped by then though, which is maybe why they were okay with uploading it?
safe1636232 applejack164294 fluttershy205313 pinkie pie209598 rainbow dash226248 rarity175665 twilight sparkle291300 alicorn210307 earth pony222753 pegasus264613 pony901357 unicorn293729 leak1531 spoiler:g5947 animated95159 animatic400 g51155 gif29304 mane six30790


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Looks to me like scrapped song from the end of Rainbow Roadtrip special. Those two earthponies could be Petunia Petals and Mayor — the reason why there are hearts and rainbow.
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I am fascinated by that find off of that SlideShare website… Could very well be how the opening minutes of the G5 kick-off movie goes!

Look like the original slideshow depicts a song that is some sort of recap of FIM/G4 itself? The two ponies doing the singing also interact with the Mane 6 but only for the purpose of the song too. I say that cuz the beginning slides show that older looking pone cleaning toys of the Mane 6, which once the song kicks in, they turn living and soon the older pone and younger pone sing about the Mane 6?

I know that slideshow is to be taken a rumor but…I'm still a bit excitedly optimistic that could very well be a very early look at how the G5 movies transitions from the old guard to the new guard.