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Twilight was so freaked out by the objects levitating that she peed in her shorts again. She barely noticed as she was more worried about Midnight Sparkle, while Sunset initially thought she wet herself from excitement.
suggestive148403 artist:thedarkpony255 edit135895 edited screencap67220 screencap227299 sci-twi25221 twilight sparkle306087 human158942 equestria girls206992 legend of everfree8112 clothes475943 cropped50473 fear wetting81 female1401736 implied pissing133 implied urine103 implied wetting71 onomatopoeia4574 pee edit137 peeing in shorts71 scared10761 shorts14542


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Chesnut palimino

How much do these characters drink in order to wet that much? I mean it's only funny if a character has rarely/ never done it before but Jesus Christ!
I'm not criticising, just concerned.