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Usually while searching through Taobao I find a few merchant pictures with promotional images of upcoming products, normally in their prototype stages, and sometimes they include unique graphics, in this case a somewhat different MLP logo. We already have 2 established Pony Life logos, so this could either just be another variant, or a potential leak to the G5 rebranding’s logo, since those toys and branding would have had to go into production around the same time as these.
safe1770124 applejack174813 fluttershy219063 hitch trailblazer2303 izzy moonbow5071 pinkie pie221877 pipp petals3432 rainbow dash240366 rarity187267 sunny starscout4605 twilight sparkle308465 zipp storm2445 g512210 my little pony: a new generation6557 my little pony: pony life5729 pony life6221 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation4303 chinese3001 eyes closed100010 female1418817 grin41958 logo3816 mane five (g5)792 mane six32853 mare511138 my little pony logo4385 pony history386 prototype277 smiling266868 taobao159 toy22580


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Ah,so technically that was the first pic of the G5 protag posted,the little blobs of colors above the Mane 6
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Pipp Petals, Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Hitch Trailblazer, and Zipp Storm are related?
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@Background Pony #16B1  
Yeah, in fact the mold for the new ponies it’s just a copy of the M6, and the only mold that’s not been used is Twilight’s, so pretty sure our last main would be a unicorn
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Makes sense. We have two pegasi, two earth ponies, and one unicorn. The earlier leak didn’t mention what he was but unicorn makes more sense then having three earth ponies.
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I don’t think so. Hasbro still want to profit from toys and since G5 isn’t out yet to show new characters they will keep selling G4 M6 for some time. When new characters will be more known they will be main focus.
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Honestly, I believe it. It’s probably a simpler version of the “real” logo (although the white looks fine) but I think the outline is legit. The iconic rainbow shall stay. It’s cute!
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Gonna echo what I said on the Equestria Daily post mentioning that image in saying the logo shown there could be a simpler print variant of the more flashier logo to come later this year, rather than a very early promotional logo of MLP G5 that’ll look radically different down the line.
After all, logos do come in variety i.e. “2D and 3D.”
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I’ve done some research and I discovered that the non-Mane Six ponies in this toy line (that may or not be related to G5) are called Masquerade, Locket Key, Magic Mimics, Bright Sun, Fizzleshake and Sweet Sugar Pop. Maybe they’ll be our new Mane Six if it turns out to be related to G5!
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Meanwhile the Pinkie image on the upper right is from G4.5, and the text says “movie character”… interesting. It claims that the 5 ponies on top of the M6 are movie characters.