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Just short dancing animation with Chrysalis, while something huge is rendering.
HQ video version and VR version are available on my patreon page

suggestive135429 artist:eqamrd321 queen chrysalis33692 changeling44211 changeling queen14574 anthro246070 3d70124 3ds max191 animated95340 belly button72946 big breasts76181 bouncing4619 bouncing breasts3590 breasts261384 busty queen chrysalis3469 clothes436224 dancing8003 erect nipples9657 female1306404 front view394 gif29384 horn56042 huge breasts35574 jiggle1597 looking at you157014 loop5096 mare450396 nipple outline6881 patreon12163 patreon logo8448 plaid skirt630 sexy27468 skirt37778 socks62280 solo1021098 solo female174196 stocking feet436 stockings30656 stupid sexy chrysalis715 tail23657 thigh highs32720 top321 wings93369 zettai ryouiki1795


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Background Pony #C371
does this mean your remaking that dance animation from several years ago?
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We Crossdress Harder
Look how the artist was torn between having the skirt flipping up and having it inexplicably tucked down in the shape of her crotch, in the way that so many artists who should know better do.