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explicit343268 artist:badumsquish1905 derpibooru exclusive27681 pinkie pie213357 earth pony237926 human151739 monster pony3359 original species24627 pony939463 abomination713 among us227 astronaut888 belly mouth18 blushing192675 clitoris26479 clothed sex2579 clothes448984 cowgirl position6834 crewmate40 dreamworks face854 drool24229 duo58509 evil grin4294 fangs24483 female1336671 grin37100 human on pony action10388 impostor79 interspecies22325 long tongue2050 male362759 mare466638 prehensile tongue263 raised eyebrow6484 raised hoof44228 sex118320 sharp teeth3579 show accurate14072 show accurate porn6748 smiling240471 spacesuit1107 species swap18837 teeth9221 tentacle tongue626 tentacles11556 the thing155 this will end in cupcakes54 this will end in death2367 this will end in tears3291 this will end in tears and/or death2251 tongue out100985 tree31372 vine1271 vulva124564 vulvar winking11490 window8259


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Background Pony #E6A5
She’s supposed to be from a sci-fi murder mystery game called “Among Us”. One of the ways the murderer (or the “Impostor” as he’s known in game) can kill people is by sticking his tongue through people’s heads.
Background Pony #1B7E
^“Raaawr, rawwwr, raar! Ha, ha, ha! Rrrrawr!”
>“NO! BAD tummy! We do NOT eat our friends!”
>“Ready to say you’re sorry?”
>“GOOD tummy.” (Feeds it a treat)
^(Eats the treat)
“Well, that… was… weird, to say the least.”
Background Pony #1B7E
I get that she’s supposed to be some kind of imposter, but what if Pinkie Pie could really do that because she follows cartoon logic?
Background Pony #0CCC
"Can we at least finish first before you decide if you're gonna kill me?"
Background Pony #14D1
Hey guess what. (Shoves a flamethrower in her mouth)
I was ready for you.