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"OH MY GOODNESS!" were the only the words Fluttershy could say at the moment, as the sight before her practically left her speechless. At first glace, it was hard to process what exactly the amber-colored blob sprawled across the floor was. But stepping in closer and seeing it breathe heavily, the answer was pretty clear. "S-Sunset?"

"That's me," the over-bloated pony groaned, "Pleased to meet you. I'd get up, but I'm in the middle of a… of, um… You know what? Forget it. I ate too much, and now I'm too fat to get up."

As Fluttershy tries to find the right words, Pinkie suddenly hopped into the scene. "Pinkie, what happened? Is Sunset going to be okay?"

"Aww, don't worry!" Pinkie giggled, "I was just making sure she got to sample everything we have!"

"Yeah, just give me like half an hour to digest," Sunset grunted as she tried to rub her stretched-out gut, "Trust me, I do this all the time."

"Well, that explains a lot," Fluttershy replied, relieved but still trying to process.

"Yeah, you gotta see how much she eats! Her tummy just gets bigger and bigger like there's no end!"

"Please don't poke me…"
safe1654452 artist:neongothic220 fluttershy207157 pinkie pie211141 sunset shimmer60817 earth pony229772 pegasus271762 pony918904 unicorn301995 belly27046 big belly10327 bingo wings2115 chubby cheeks3522 fat21285 female1317985 floppy ears49622 huge belly3025 immobile2657 impossibly large belly9979 impossibly large everything910 mare456462 morbidly obese7495 obese11071 one eye closed28597 open mouth136362 raised hoof42872 slobset shimmer227 stuffed1627 sugarcube corner2180 weight gain3987 wink23583


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Background Pony #4C24
sunset's living up to the "sun" part of her name: she's an orange ball full of gass that'll eventually explode
Background Pony #9AD7
Careful, Sunset. You want to make it back through the portal before you get too fat to fit or move, right?