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Should've brought a bottled fairy :P
explicit343263 artist:badumsquish1905 derpibooru exclusive27681 quarter hearts124 earth pony237919 monster pony3359 pony939452 anus94539 blushing192672 boss fight15 defeat119 dialogue63864 dutch angle113 embarrassed11113 female1336660 femdom7928 giant pony4522 gilf500 glare8193 group sex14979 hat84423 jewelry60745 looking back55506 loss (meme)291 low angle1470 macro10645 male362755 mare466634 milf9297 mocking221 pinned523 ponified40297 ponut42385 raised tail14882 show accurate14072 show accurate porn6748 sitting61419 sitting on274 sitting on pony417 smiling240469 smirk12155 stallion104868 straight133457 tail26130 taunting260 the legend of zelda3555 the legend of zelda: ocarina of time229 threesome10004 twinrova3 witch2349


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@Conversed Corruption
Assuming QH's journey thus far was similar to or the same as Link's journey through Ocarina of Time, he could easily have up to 18 or 19 hearts at this point (depending on if he did the Shadow Temple before Spirit, or if he's saving it for last), plus three or four fairies and/or red potions. If he's losing at this point, then it has to be on purpose, which is exactly what her dialogue is suggesting.
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Having a hard time against these lightweights?
Please racing to win Epona was harder then beating them.
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Will you draw the 3 fairies from the Legend of zelda master sword. I use to play that on the gameboy
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@Background Pony #1A3F
Pretty sure that’s entirely beside the point, which seems to be:
“why point a camera at the screen when you can just route the video signal from the console through a VHS deck on its way to the screen, and then push record, and get a recording as clean as the original video was?”
Background Pony #1A3F
If you see her on a recorded video, sure.

But resetting your N64, running to the boss room AND fighting the boss to trigger her second phase to see 5 seconds of a cutscene again? She is absolutely forgettable. And don't forget, Ocarina of Time came out in 1998. Youtube didn't even exist and "video recording" meant pointing a camcorder at the TV screen.
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@Space Pirate
That's what's hilarious about these two, is they get easier when they fuse XD

@Dirty Bit
This sexy lady :D

They're not wrong XD

@Conversed Corruption
@Background Pony #1A3F
@Conversed Corruption
She was always my favorite. She was like the one boss that was actually like a character (well, two), and she had a really cool way of battling her. Also she's the one enemy in the game who actually makes Link go "WTF?!" A massive bongo-drum playing monster in the basement of a torture chamber didn't even pull that off :D


She's the boss of the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time. The first half is two witches who fly around, one shooting fire and one shooting ice, and you gotta reflect one's shot back at the other with your shield. Halfway through the fight they fuse into this massive bombshell. I don't know if she's as big as the great fairies, but she'd definitely bonk her head on the 11'8" bridge; even sitting down she's bigger than Adult Link :D
Background Pony #5018
There's really not much to know. She appears for the second half of a boss fight, then (as far as I know) never appears again. The only information you get on her in-game is what Navi will tell you about her and her two halves during the fight.