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Oooh… somepony is in for some spanking!
safe1640757 artist:banebuster159 cozy glow6907 princess celestia92358 alicorn211335 pegasus266535 pony906227 series:tiny tia104 angry25642 axe1598 cozybetes1156 cute189865 evil2730 golly74 grin35638 imminent spanking192 immortality is awesome33 invincibility1 nervous5398 nervous grin989 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency453 pure unfiltered evil1682 simple background371351 smiling230598 speech bubble21724 this will end in a trip to the moon21 this will end in banishment32 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon251 this will not end well1530 to the moon297 treason28 uh-oh17 weapon29075 white background92059


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Background Pony #B79A
Celestia: I am maybe immortal but is still hurt, do you even think of all the thing I surfer in 1000 years?
Cozy: Eh no?
Celestia: You are not the first who try this, you know, 9910 years ago, a minotaur a try murder me, trust me, he hurt me a lot more, like 1000 time more, and you a hit right the place he hit me, this is why is hurt, you a hit my scar!
Cozy: Wait?! you have a scar?! Celestia, i get by my sister then she be Nightmare moon, Only a true Alicorn murder a other one, to make a true alicorn, is NOT by dark magic or other evil relic, Cadence and Twilight become true alicorn, by the do the right way, i will not tell you, AIE!, I am good for day on Spa will be good, and You? I will let Twilight deal with you, and don't try to run away, Luna take her!
Luna: No problem Sister(she see the weapon) Pfff You really think this Primitive weapon can hurt US Alicorn?!, those thing can't not hurt Discord, well not this metal type but even you use the right metal, you are not alicorn, You don't have the soul of alicorn, Trust me if you really don't want be pass 1000 years in Tartarus, you better take the reform lesson of Twilight, is for your own good, You want be set to the moon?
Cozy: EH!? NOPE no thanks, i will the reform lesson, i don't want die there, I am not immortal!

I always imagine creatures in Equestria are immune to normal weapons and bullets because they can take powerful magical blast. Magical ponies > primitive human weapons.
Background Pony #F130
Golly, it was only attempted murder. They don't give prizes for attempted first place do they?
And then Cozy made a new impact crater on the Moon.
Background Pony #8EE2
Celestia: How in the name of Starswirl's BUTTHOLE did you get out of your stone prison!?
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Bespectacled Birbcat
Should've used a blunt weapon, Cozy. Sharp weapons aren't allowed to actually hit their targets in kids' cartoons, and blunt weapons can deal just as much damage, even if you can't see things such as internal bleeding, torn muscles, and broken bones.