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"Huh, it was bigger on the other side," Sunset glanced back as she tried to wriggle though her butt through.

"Yeah, sorry," Starlight chuckled, "We've been meaning to widen that."
safe1654448 artist:neongothic220 artist:thatusualguy0680 starlight glimmer47078 sunset shimmer60817 pony918902 unicorn301994 belly27046 big belly10327 chubby cheeks3522 duckery in the comments115 duo56367 fat21285 fat fetish1387 female1317980 fetish37975 huge belly3025 magic mirror524 mare456459 morbidly obese7495 obese11071 rolls of fat1650 screencap background26 slobset shimmer227 smiling234021 stuck2488 too fat to get through58 weight gain3987


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Background Pony #62F3
@trwilson882 then get the fuck of the internet kid, if ya can't handle the truth. :3
Background Pony #A168
Really? Fether takes plenty of artists work and edits without permission. I remember he did it with lots of Lupin Quill's stuff on FA. I don't know why your defending him, because he continues to do this over and over, hoping people won't notice.
Background Pony #62F3
@Background Pony #A168
i think it's either, A: he doesn't know how to make an account on here. or B: hes too afraid to make an account and then get criticized for the shit he steals.