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safe1727883 edit134246 edited screencap66221 editor:whistle blossom12 screencap224464 king sombra14072 umbrum1236 unicorn332682 season 91188 the beginning of the end2173 spoiler:s09777 cape10542 caption21672 clothes467505 colored horn648 curved horn6993 cute202993 fangs26079 horn70922 image macro37308 imgflip698 implied radiant hope2 male380484 mistakes were made94 raised hoof47521 royal cape46 sad24806 shocked7111 solo1078606 sombra horn475 sombradorable340 stallion112201 text60541 worried3970


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Artist -

Flufux Corporations
But wouldn't he instead just use the all-powerful Umbrum to do it instead of relying on brainwashed civilians? Seriously, the Umbrum's presence make no sense whatsoever.
Artist -

Flufux Corporations
@Background Pony #3967
The season 5 finale actually was the first to go against the comics in that regard, since the comics made it so that Sombra was little more than a glorified puppet for some mysterious shadow beings called the Umbrum who created him simply to release them…and yet, despite having complete control over the Crystal Empire in that timeline, he turned the crystal ponies into his soldiers and tried to conquer the world for himself, not even bothering with the Umbrum things.
Background Pony #3967
But Hope betrayed Sombra 1,000 years ago! They’re no longer friends anymore!