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explicit343821 artist:badumsquish1908 derpibooru exclusive27726 mean twilight sparkle728 sunburst6574 alicorn219238 pony941672 unicorn312048 the mean 61639 anus94685 balls74202 bed39988 blanket5204 blushing193021 clone2296 cowgirl position6842 creampie29767 cum77800 cumming21599 dock48507 evil grin4301 female1338679 femdom7935 grin37188 horsecock66831 looking back55624 male363516 mare467769 mean twiburst2 moaning5552 mottled genitals1798 nudity362164 open mouth140499 orgasm11228 penetration56518 penis150026 ponut42476 sex118531 show accurate14240 show accurate porn6782 smiling241010 smug5827 socks (coat markings)2448 stallion105171 straight133672 vaginal38482


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Background Pony #43C9
Major spoiler.
Sunburst's mane is actually a wig. Mean Twi caught him with it off, and he was about to put it on, thinking she'd think he looks weird without it, but she told him she thinks stallions without manes are sexy (which she assumes is a carryover from the original Twilight), so they got it on then and there.
Also, yes, this is a joke.
Background Pony #D407
Can you please upload Sunburst without Twilight on top of him? (just him by himself)