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Just in case anyone wanted the non-meme version of this :D  
explicit370945 artist:badumsquish2047 derpibooru exclusive30138 mean twilight sparkle754 sunburst7195 twilight sparkle310768 alicorn239593 pony1105947 unicorn358385 the mean 61709 anus103152 balls82361 bed43543 blanket5658 blushing210488 clone2909 coat markings6125 cowgirl position7536 creampie33101 cum83788 cumming24147 dock53799 evil grin4794 female1436716 femdom8599 grin43186 horsecock74244 looking back62493 male400712 mare520346 mean twiburst5 moaning6640 mottled genitals2043 nudity392578 open mouth162109 orgasm12970 penetration63383 penis163779 ponut47287 sex129646 show accurate17997 show accurate porn7680 smiling273700 smug6513 socks (coat markings)3634 stallion121693 straight143717 vaginal42542


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Background Pony #43C9
Major spoiler.  
Sunburst’s mane is actually a wig. Mean Twi caught him with it off, and he was about to put it on, thinking she’d think he looks weird without it, but she told him she thinks stallions without manes are sexy (which she assumes is a carryover from the original Twilight), so they got it on then and there.  
Also, yes, this is a joke.
Background Pony #D407
Can you please upload Sunburst without Twilight on top of him? (just him by himself)