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safe1679437 artist:banebuster165 princess celestia93913 queen chrysalis34320 alicorn219262 changeling46127 changeling queen15665 pony941787 series:tiny tia109 :t3727 angry26579 attempted murder61 bear trap45 bush2606 cake9631 cakelestia1062 chibi14153 cute195754 cutealis2133 cutelestia3537 d:437 eating9431 eyes closed90358 face down ass up8006 fail1379 female1338783 food68394 glare8195 immortality is awesome33 madorable657 nom3030 oh come on125 open mouth140514 pointy ponies3343 simple background384564 smiling241036 stuck2541 white background95404


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Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
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Is there really a true meaning or concept of immortality?… Jesus! Well, Gods are immortal and they can never die and I think Celestia as somewhat as a goddess. It's just my opinion and my perspective on Celestia.