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“I don’t remember doing that!” - Twilight Sparkle, probably :P
(Follow-up to this >>2161926 :D)
explicit375409 artist:badumsquish2065 derpibooru exclusive30599 mean twilight sparkle758 sunburst7263 twilight sparkle312924 alicorn242872 pony1144184 unicorn366160 anus104763 balls83632 bed44166 blanket5749 blushing213220 book35678 bookshelf3989 clone2927 coat markings6333 cowgirl position7628 creampie33598 cum84730 cumming24549 cutie mark51805 dock54526 evil grin4857 female1451606 femdom8678 golden oaks library5374 grin44085 hoof hold9133 horsecock75361 i lived bitch9 implied sunset shimmer387 iphone672 looking back63629 magic78182 magic aura5143 male406360 mare528337 mean twiburst5 meme84938 moaning6842 mottled genitals2082 nudity397733 offscreen character37708 open mouth165310 orgasm13233 penetration64405 penis165891 phone7457 ponut48005 pov15158 pun7850 sex131321 show accurate18666 show accurate porn7893 smiling279462 smug6628 socks (coat markings)3770 stallion124570 straight145166 taunt38 text64891 text message70 texts from ponies271 underhoof56035 vaginal43128 visual pun1820 window9491


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Background Pony #B56F
She can, but I think it’d take a while for her to work up the motivation to ask for sex, and GMHAA would be to dense to pick up on anything even slightly more subtle.  
Also, why are we putting this under a spoiler? This pic is already explicit.
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@Background Pony #B56F  
It’s because their story is so honestly depressing that they become the most sympathetic of all the villains, even in spite of most of them really having no redeeming qualities. From the moment they were thrust into the world their options were “disobey Chrysalis and die” or “be Chrysalis’ slaves and probably die when she’s done with them”, and all they wanted was to not be slaves. Their entire existence is basically a desperate struggle to stay alive, which they fail in the end and are killed for while the person responsible for all their wrongdoing and suffering walked free, and nobody cries for them or even knows or cares they existed. Even then, they largely act on impulse and really don’t seem to be deliberately doing wrong, instead only deliberately doing things to further getting free. Worse still, even if they lived, they’d be disregarded by the ponies as “just clones”, misunderstood, uncared for, and probably face the same fate as the mirror pool clones and a similar “they’re not ‘real’ so they’re just a problem that needs to go away” logic. Their story is depressing in an almost poetic way, like something out of Blade Runner, it’s fascinating how sad their plight actually was.
That’s another aspect of it, too. The changelings were pretty gleefully evil in their first appearance. Like, cackling with evil satisfaction when they were winning, targeting children and families, and just causing wholesale destruction for the hell of it. They actually went a lot farther in doing evil than the Mean Six :P
The bribery was a long time ago. I should have added dates to make the context more clear. The whole “I lived bitch” thing is based on this meme :D  
Mean Twi is taunting the Mane Six for having survived the Tree of Harmony’s attack, but she’s not realizing the Mane Six didn’t actually know about her in the first place XD

Oh so does that mean mean Twilight is basically doing what Twilight has been doing but her bribery is more sexual? I don’t understand the “I lived” message though. Is that just a meme reference?
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Background Pony #B56F
@Background Pony #8DBF
I do want to do more of them. I actually think to this day they were the most sympathetic of all the villains ever :P
I agree with that assessment, at least in so far as the MLP:FiM villains go. They were literally just created, told to be evil and unleashed upon the world. They’re practically newborns, or at the very least, blank slates.