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in the middle of drawing this I realized that leaning on a hot cauldron will probably burn you, so… maybe they’re making… icecream???
safe1679433 artist:fizpup21 queen chrysalis34320 zecora9237 changeling46127 changeling queen15665 zebra17342 caught3278 cauldron1112 cute195753 cutealis2133 duo58703 ear piercing25295 earring20452 female1338783 glowing horn19104 horn62451 jewelry61066 magic71874 mare467831 mouth hold17080 neck rings833 piercing39831 potion2094 potion making40 quadrupedal1667 simple background384564 telekinesis27105 white background95404 zecorable201


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Actually Potato
This is too great, I wish they were actual show friends. Hue, icecream — I don't know if zecora would like her pot being rolled about unless it has a mixing cycle somehow ha.
Background Pony #1A6A
You know, they could just do something thats going to be heated later or is left to cool.