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safe2120062 artist:probablyfakeblonde461 part of a set22116 applejack196297 fluttershy252226 pinkie pie250154 rainbow dash273032 rarity213049 twilight sparkle350029 alicorn303148 earth pony424204 pegasus472633 pony1548994 unicorn513387 g41934444 alternate design5273 cloven hooves15598 coat markings12080 colored pupils13006 cute257518 ear fluff47585 female1746368 flying52850 leonine tail13228 looking back82643 mane six36848 mare708109 open mouth225905 raised hoof66698 simple background569998 sitting88478 smiling377663 socks (coat markings)7294 spread wings88642 tail feathers1273 tongue out141621 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146125 unshorn fetlocks43331 wings208841


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Background Pony #57A1
This tastes like “Hey look, it’s G5” fake leak material. Really good.