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safe1728576 artist:racoonsan557 starlight glimmer49245 sunset shimmer63909 human156889 equestria girls203354 anime5597 blushing201210 breasts283848 busty starlight glimmer2495 butt62441 christmas14100 clothes467745 cute203079 cute little fangs2161 duo focus880 fangs26097 female1382750 glimmerbetes3872 hat88462 holding hands2735 holiday20313 humanized100954 ice1249 ice skating407 iceskating7 implied lesbian3515 implied shimmerglimmer21 implied shipping5108 jacket12790 jeans4239 laughing8161 looking at each other20860 one eye closed31634 open mouth150131 pants14962 santa hat6106 scarf23571 shimmerbetes4440 sweater14711 sweater puppies141


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Background Pony #C0E1
I initially wanted this to be just two good friends helping each other out, but that blush clearly indicates shipping. shrugs fandom stuff…

@Background Pony #94B5
Just imaging that you fall, while someone is skating near you (and then across your fingers). At least when I was young, we were always told wear gloves for some extra protection. So essential all adults still do wear gloves, when ice skating.