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Lily’s right to be cautious.

Made with Inkscape. Fonts are Komika Text and Edo. A screencap from Road to Friendship was used for the first panel’s background. That’s why editor:roseluck is here.
Lyrics are based on Globus’ Europa.
safe1752704 artist:roseluck38 edit136027 edited screencap67315 editor:roseluck15 screencap227820 fluttershy217460 lily2029 lily valley2029 rainbow dash238820 earth pony266785 pegasus309931 pony1012480 2 panel comic1392 bipedal36246 colored19871 comic111581 dialogue68137 eyes closed98329 female1403768 flat colors2304 flower26747 flower in hair8081 flutterscream53 globus1 inkscape1936 lily (flower)117 mare503157 microphone5335 outdoors11673 raised eyebrow6693 screaming3544 show accurate17075 singing6560 song reference3540 speech bubble24446 speed lines392 spread wings57198 standing12932 table9529 trio9793 trio female2025 vector77922 volumetric mouth824 wings123536 worried4035


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