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There, bathed in the faint glow of a warm fire, a new family lays together awaiting the dawn and their first Hearth's Warming together. The proud parents stare wistfully at their small son, taking one tiny breath after another, blissfully unaware of the happy and eventful day awaiting him in the morning.

Didn't think there was going to be anymore Christmas stuff from me this year, did you? I didn't think I'd be doing anymore either, but I had this idea that came out of one of my Advent Calendar ideas, and I didn't want to put it off for another year, and it was going to take less work than usual (before I decided to go nuts with the lighting, that is), so I figured, why not?

Happy Holidays everyone.
safe1654083 anonymous artist2594 big macintosh27599 fluttershy207136 oc652601 oc:late riser25 earth pony229615 pegasus271651 pony918564 series:fm holidays139 baby10133 baby pony6360 bed39196 bedroom9659 bell4253 christmas13848 christmas lights1750 christmas wreath367 colt14275 family4303 female1317733 fire11004 fire light6 fireplace2687 fluttermac2807 fluttershy's cottage1326 garland224 hearth's warming850 hearth's warming doll45 holiday19586 lying down14159 lying on bed1569 male355813 mare456340 night25129 offspring36783 on back23558 on bed3082 parent:big macintosh2940 parent:fluttershy4508 parents:fluttermac1272 present5862 ribbon6893 shipping193524 sleeping22735 stallion102210 straight131371 wreath888


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