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safe1726986 edit134198 edited screencap66192 editor:quoterific2204 screencap224427 arista174 clypeus191 cornicle211 daisy2564 flower wishes2436 frenulum (character)170 meadow song602 ocellus5375 soupling166 starlight glimmer49195 thorax4389 trixie68101 twilight sparkle303085 yona5173 alicorn228442 changedling8569 changeling48683 yak4686 celestial advice1161 school daze2799 the times they are a changeling932 to change a changeling762 to where and back again2739 triple threat995 uprooted1001 disguise4859 disguised changeling2727 king thorax2931 rock4561 rockellus32 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124890


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