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Idk why I wrote it manga style with the Hol and Pol side, but read right to left on there. :p
This is what happens when your friend asks if you have any more ships/ any more ideas for ships regarding Jojo character x pone.
Sorry Hol your crush is gonna be one sided unless I draw more xD



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@Background Pony #4172
Ah, thanks. I wasn’t aware of the other possiblities for human-pony offspring.
And you are indeed correct in that abomination being cute.
I kind of avoided that crossbreed offspring situation by making them both turn human or turn pony for the baby process.
Though if I ever do write/draw Hol Horse having kids with a mare, I might go the anthro route.
Background Pony #4172
Depends on who the artist/writer is. The children of human-pony pairings could be centaurs, satyrs, anthros, abominations, or they could just be impossible.
Personally, satyrs are generally my favorite interpretation, though there’s one abomination that I find quite cute.
Background Pony #4172
If Hol Horse had a child with an Equestrian, said child would be half horse.