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It has been a long day, so we should head straight to our residence. Don’t forget to thank Smoke for coming along. She has been a great help against the Nightcrawler. Then give her a suggestive smile and offer to show her our gratitude once we're back in our bedroom.

You roll an 8 (required 10). Partial success.

As a yawn escapes your muzzle, you decide to finally call it a day, and start walking back to your residence. On the way there, you look over to Smoke, and sincerely thank her for coming along, certain that you could not have done it without her.

Smoke: "No problem! That last fight made it all worth it."

At the mention of fighting, you give her your best seductive look, and suggest having one last tussle before bed as way of showing her your gratitude. Although, another yawn soon comes to betray your enthusiasm.

Smoke: "Heh. We could, but are you sure you're up for that?"

As you step into your residence, you find Apple Basket and Moonflower still asleep together in one of the beds. Under a whisper, you let Smoke know that you were thinking of trying something a bit more gentle with her this time around.

Smoke: "If it's anything like the massages we got earlier, then I mean sure, why not? I'm not afraid of trying new things."

With that settled, you both enter the wet room, and close the door behind you. After dexterously helping you take off your equipment, Smoke returns your sword and its scabbard to you.

You unequip 2 Brass Horseshoes, Charcoal Coat, Charcoal Ushanka, 2 Mirror Shin Guards, Tan Muffler, and Tempered Simple Breastplate, and get Magic Sword Scabbard.

Once under the warm soothing rain of the shower, you affectionately embrace the dragon, and meet her amused snout with your own. Mindful of her sabre-shaped teeth, you manage to share a passionate, if not slightly ash-flavoured kiss.

Soon, the mood grows more intimate, and you proceed to make sweet, tender love to your scaly friend. Though it may be the first time that Smoke allows you to take charge, or put in any of the effort yourself at all, you are glad to see her seemingly enjoying herself nonetheless.

A few steamy minutes pass until you are blissfully spent, after which you begin washing yourselves and each other, cleansing the night's exertions from your weary bodies. When you are done, you turn on the dryer, and start getting ready for bed.

Smoke: "That was different. So, is this more like what you're used to? Heheh. I'm starting to see why you could barely move after our first time together."

It almost hurts just to remember. Still, you admit that you're glad she let you try it your way, even though she is — as she puts it — made of tougher stuff.

Smoke: "What can I say? Hanging out with you ponies has taught me a few things. Like, all this lovey-dovey friendship stuff? It's a bit weird, but I think I'm starting to get it."

You tell Smoke that you're glad you could help her discover a new, softer side of herself. She grins playfully at that, and ruffles your freshly brushed mane.

Smoke: "Heh, shut up."

Now feeling clean and relaxed once more, you both make your way to the bedroom, and quietly settle in the empty bed there. You tentatively snuggle up against the dragon, and she responds by draping a muscular arm around you, and lazily scratching your coat with her claws.

As you close your eyes, you take a moment to meditate on the experience you've gained, and feel yourself drifting off to sleep in your friend's protective embrace…

Your Unarmed Mastery has increased to level 2!
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Wasn’t sure whether or not this image would be considered Safe or Suggestive, since the sex only happened in the description. Decided to chose the Suggestive tag, just to be sure. Feel free to change it, if it was a mistake.