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I had a dream about Fluttershy getting ready for a workout, so I drew Fluttershy getting ready for a workout. I love mirror scenes, because in a single image, you can see all the lovely chub in front and dat booty in the back, but man is it hard to draw.
suggestive142748 artist:lordstormcaller117 fluttershy212375 pegasus290760 anthro259719 plantigrade anthro32550 ass49027 belly28433 belly button77702 big belly11324 big breasts81864 booty shorts293 breasts277147 busty fluttershy17175 butt58428 cleavage34500 clothes458668 determination133 determined762 determined look87 exercise678 fat22093 fattershy1158 female1360700 fetish39884 flutterbutt5072 gym845 high res29111 jiggle1663 jiggling128 looking at mirror18 love handles57 mirror5235 muffin top702 overweight373 shorts13944 small wings396 solo1062389 solo female179514 sports bra3213 thicc ass1220 tiptoe78 weight loss91 wide hips17152 wings106895 workout774


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