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Natasha/Fluttershy The Soviet Snipers You can see a Fluttershy With A Rifle is Mosin Nagant With Scope
safe1688577 artist:edy_january109 fluttershy210786 human152720 pegasus284942 equestria girls197850 gun15768 hat85377 humanized99199 mosin nagant74 natasha shakovich10 red army38 sniper1175 snipershy96 solo1051998 soviet union361 ushanka410 weapon30132 world war ii816


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Background Pony #D518
Vasili Zaitsev famous soviet sniper during ww2 he killed 225 enemmy soldiers.
Background Pony #FF1B
Th-This is the most interesting outfit I've seen My Little Angel in. I can just picture a scenario of when I could've first met her personally, but only knew her name before then.

Me: hiding as best as I could while Nazi soldiers intrude my home

The soldiers split up, with Fluttershy entering my basement, seeing me in the corner, going up to me trying to be intimidating

Fluttershy: sternly Alright you, you're coming with me and the others. Got it? adorably scowls

Me: Aren't you Fluttershy? The adorable animal loving girl?

FLuttershy: confused Uhhh, y-yes?

Me: admiring her Aren't you.. a little too cute to be part of the Nazis? Hm?

Fluttershy: pokes me with her rifle Don't try it, bub.

Me: I can tell you don't like it.

Fluttershy: gritted teeth Do as I say, and you'll be spared by me, but not by my master!

Me: I could make your life much better, if you go with me.

Fluttershy:having mixed feelings on what I just said

Me: Please, just trust me.

Fluttershy: tears up, drops her rifle and hugs me while crying I'm sorry! I was just scared about my master taking my life, if I didn't follow his orders!

Me: It's ok, my little angel. I understand. I'd do the same thing myself. Now, just come with me, and I'll get us outta here scot free.

The two of us managed to escape, and flee the country to a new life together, in love, new friends, and peace.