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ATG 3 — Hey is this meme dead yet

ATG 3 — Draw a pony full of rage / Draw a pony about to lose it

Doing a more lineart style for this one, just to experiment a little. Gonna have to work on those lines much more I think x.x
Jun 4, 2020
safe1727268 artist:cyonixcymatro45 phyllis278 starlight glimmer49202 sunburst6887 trixie68106 pony987527 unicorn332450 :t3814 angry27654 atg 2020920 bipedal35361 chair6934 clothes467305 coat markings4936 crying44165 cute202936 cutie mark48466 diatrixes3167 eating9793 female1381640 floppy ears53236 frown23259 glare8270 herbivore1144 horses doing horse things1248 inconvenient trixie325 leaf1054 male380254 mare491121 meme82469 newbie artist training grounds6444 nom3077 phyllis no!54 plant2145 pointing4100 ponified meme1001 pure unfiltered evil1741 robe3705 shipping202903 smiling254354 socks (coat markings)2842 stallion112081 starburst1256 straight138359 this will end in communism296 this will end in death2488 this will end in gulag74 woman yelling at a cat58


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These plants contain cells known
as idioblasts. Inside the cells are
sharp, needle-like crystals of calcium
oxalate that are packed in a gelatinous
material. When the plant material is
chewed, saliva or plant sap can enter
the idioblasts. The gelatinous material
swells and this causes the calcium
oxalate crystals to shoot out of the
idioblasts. The crystals can penetrate
the tongue, throat and the inside of the
mouth to cause severe irritation. Some
of these plants also contain chemicals
that aggravate the symptoms by causing
an inflammatory response. Signs (can
appear immediately or within hours
of ingestion): head shaking, salivation,
mouth and tongue swelling, depression.
In very rare cases the swelling can cause
airway obstruction. Affected animals
may take days to fully recover. If
poisoning is suspected, rinse the horse’s
mouth with water and seek veterinary
Doesn't sound like philodendrons are immediately life-threatening to horses/ponies, but it certainly sounds like it won't be a nice recovery time.

Still, better to get help than not.
Background Pony #ECC3
Trixie: C'mon Starlight. Aren't we're all herbivores here? You aren't a griffon ya know?
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