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Day 3: Gingerbread Ponies

Fluttershy: "Ah wuv you Flutters, Eeyup. Muah Muah Muah"

Big Mac: "Oh Mac, I love wuv you so much. Muah Muah Muah"

Fluttershy: "Aw, thank ya sweetums. Eeyup! Muah Muah"

Big Mac: "Tee hee! Muah Muah Muah"

Does anyone think it would be awkward to eat a cookie that looks like you partner?
safe1654021 anonymous artist2594 big macintosh27597 fluttershy207127 earth pony229590 pegasus271631 pony918513 series:fm holidays139 series:hearth's warming advent calendar28 advent calendar304 christmas13848 cookie3546 female1317694 fluttermac2807 food66897 gingerbread (food)73 gingerbread pony22 holiday19586 hoof hold7943 kissu34 lineless3638 male355797 now kiss372 pointy ponies3310 shipping193524 straight131371


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