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One of a set of edits I did of my last image for a buddy’s request: a POV with a bigger Dashie looking at the viewer. I think they turned out pretty good, so I figured why not share them? Enjoy~.
Original: >>2513546  
Big gazungas: >>2514318  
Big belly: >>2514319  
Big gazungas and very big belly: here
suggestive162021 alternate version60844 artist:astrum121 edit148119 part of a set16343 rainbow dash251130 pegasus364253 anthro295560 aroused1180 bandage6353 bandaged wing189 bbw4773 bedroom eyes67649 belly32878 belly blush140 belly button89714 big belly14311 big breasts97469 blushing224148 bowl1930 breasts318928 burp2302 busty rainbow dash9229 chubby14547 cleavage38687 clothes524670 dialogue74590 drool28038 exposed belly199 fat24606 feedee713 female1516341 fetish45681 food81060 heart55711 huge belly5324 huge breasts45308 injured3646 injured wing127 large butt21931 lidded eyes35691 looking at you199164 male427881 male pov8178 morbidly obese8894 obese12995 offscreen character40271 onomatopoeia5667 open mouth179005 pants17345 pizza box374 plate2133 pov15967 rainblob dash947 sexy34723 shirt29693 shorts16117 sitting72925 smiling302356 solo1195091 solo female197101 sports shorts1362 stomach noise3763 stool1899 straight151427 stuffed1838 stuffed belly302 stupid sexy rainbow dash3467 talking to viewer3708 tanktop8975 teasing4274 thighs18909 thunder thighs10762 tight clothing2964 tongue out119792 tubby wubby pony waifu209 wardrobe malfunction5589 wings152901


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Background Pony #2354
The more fat is tastefully redirected to her big breasts, big & shapely butt and thick & shapely hips, the greater her sexy anthro mare body will be. . . . . . . . .Also her huge boobs will be great for breastfeeding too!