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I’mma be straight with you: thinking about turning this into a sequence. Not 100% sure yet, though.
Dashie had herself a little botch and injured her wing recently, forcing her into some recovery time at home. Luckily good ‘ole Clipper is around to keep company and take care of her until she’s off the ground again.
Haven’t done anything fat-related in a while and wanted to try it again; anthro fat is especially unfamiliar territory for me. Sitting poses are also unfamiliar, used a few references to get the posing down as best I can with each character. As always, not fully content with Soarin’s body shape, but my skill at male bodies is slowly improving, I’d say.
Hope ya like and feedback is always welcomed!
colorless version: >>2511168
Part 2: >>2826105
Part 3: >>2832223

suggestive193563 artist:astrum231 rainbow dash284332 soarin'18078 pegasus513609 anthro368825 series:taking care of dash3 g42066086 bandage7944 bandaged wing264 bbw5802 belly47584 belly button114101 big belly20417 big breasts129826 bowl2469 breasts401244 busty rainbow dash11488 cake13178 chubby17688 cleavage47935 clothes651099 colored25811 dessert516 dialogue96410 digital art30590 fat29489 feedee924 feeder682 feeding1691 female1845581 fetish58708 food103984 high res410129 holding5719 huge belly8873 injured4675 injured wing164 jeans6894 large belly1565 large butt35309 lidded eyes50361 long sleeved shirt292 long sleeves1152 male565261 mug6475 onomatopoeia8724 pampering63 pants23192 pizza box550 plate2846 rainblob dash1178 sexy47584 ship:soarindash7662 shipping259275 shirt42392 shorts20233 sitting95539 smiling411521 sports shorts1729 stomach noise5163 stool2418 straight183181 stuffed2301 stuffed belly1043 stupid sexy rainbow dash4641 tank top11209 teasing5181 thighs29466 thunder thighs17150 tight clothing3928 tubby wubby pony waifu286 wall of tags7146 wardrobe malfunction6561 wings233945 worried5775


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Background Pony #A62B
Some of the extra food fat can be redirected to her big breasts & big shapely butt.
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@Background Pony #8E7F  
Oh, Clipper’s gonna keep her very well-fed. Just the thing for a speedy recovery. ;)
Badabababaaa. Glad to hear it, thanks a lot! Not sure yet how many parts it would entail, but I’m excited to think of where it could go.
@Background Pony #5AA6  
Don’t even get me started on getting the perfect curvature. * . * It’s the bane of the foolish artist who attempts to draw a curvy figure, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for noticing though, haha!
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Is this McDonald’s? Because I’m lovin’ it. Definitely wanna see this as a series, including some scenes leading up to this point. Really good!