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Art help for the Fimtale~ And wish you a Merry Christmas~
safe1769633 artist:ravistdash172 twilight sparkle308414 alicorn236092 semi-anthro13740 book34968 candy7238 candy cane2465 cheek fluff6107 christmas14198 christmas tree4214 clothes482588 cute207983 cutie mark50579 cutie mark background1744 ear fluff32250 food74122 friendship student1763 holiday21096 horn80728 merry christmas484 necktie7718 paper3354 present6127 school uniform7505 simple background415528 sitting66541 skirt41680 solo1108328 stars16576 sweater15073 transparent background211642 tree34142 twiabetes12371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127143 wings126767


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