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Art help for the Fimtale~ And wish you a Merry Christmas~
safe1657285 artist:ravistdash145 twilight sparkle293979 alicorn214952 semi-anthro12838 book32432 candy6767 candy cane2390 cheek fluff5104 christmas13861 christmas tree4112 clothes441940 cute192363 cutie mark45359 cutie mark background1532 ear fluff27054 food67126 friendship student1619 holiday19628 horn59101 merry christmas479 necktie6841 paper3124 present5869 simple background377152 sitting60232 skirt38245 solo1032433 stars14871 sweater14050 transparent background195152 tree30904 twiabetes11290 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120986 wings97001


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