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Artist Desc:

Well, I'm out for a little vacation, so there won't be new posts until start of next year. I wish you all peaceful and joyful holidays!
safe1678504 artist:tarkron127 applejack167660 discord30458 fluttershy209771 pinkie pie213540 rainbow dash230882 rarity179309 twilight sparkle296940 draconequus11062 earth pony238468 pegasus281148 pony941039 unicorn311798 armchair255 christmas13955 christmas lights1764 christmas tree4132 cuddle puddle301 cuddling8240 cute195602 dashabetes9002 diapinkes9618 eyes closed90278 fire11184 fireplace2716 holiday19941 hooves to the chest512 indoors2735 jackabetes5807 looking at something2535 lying down15518 mane six31490 nap480 on back23955 on the floor170 open mouth140399 picture frame797 pony pile730 present5909 prone25014 raribetes5260 shyabetes13364 sleeping23079 smiling240850 tree31422 twiabetes11503 weapons-grade cute3617


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