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Rough Sketch for a request for Techno-Universal on DA

A request features their OC Techno Universal is tied by the Royal Sisters to a wooden flagpole and hoisted into strong winds becoming a living flag.

Mockup of Techno and the Royal Sisters together. With Celestia holding Techno's arms back as Luna removes her yellow dress. The first step in changing Techno to an outfit specifically for being raised on the flagpole with. Thumbnails for that outfit are posted here >>2439759
suggestive148450 artist:supra80463 princess celestia96784 princess luna100807 oc712354 oc:techno universal30 alicorn232983 anthro269681 unguligrade anthro50266 alicorn oc27635 anthro oc30770 assisted exposure1828 bracelet10023 breasts288830 busty princess celestia10597 cape10740 cleavage35650 clothes476272 collar34562 dress46086 featureless breasts2524 female1402540 females only13071 gown748 holding3374 holding arms49 horn77736 jewelry68416 loincloth1217 monochrome152372 partial nudity21389 pencil drawing8374 rear view12816 regalia21165 sketch64565 topless14271 traditional art120301 wings123270


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