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safe1678505 artist:bobthedalek906 starlight glimmer47838 sunburst6564 trixie66430 pony941039 unicorn311799 animal costume1963 antlers1976 bell4346 bell collar2244 blushing192899 bridle3585 christmas13955 clothes449532 collar32221 costume26973 cuffs4301 female1337975 glowing horn19093 gritted teeth11774 harness1956 hat84519 hearth's warming859 holiday19941 horn62346 implied spanking130 inconvenient trixie313 jingle bells214 magic71843 male363287 mare467408 pulling sleigh5 red nose370 reindeer antlers494 reindeer costume152 sack358 santa costume1521 santa hat6047 signature23395 simple background384268 sleigh261 socks (coat markings)2446 stallion105079 starlight is not amused323 tack4474 telekinesis27092 unamused15779 whip1634 whipping280 white background95335 wide eyes16825


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Background Pony #CB60
Yeah, that's right Santa whip Rudolph hard, she needs to run fast enough to visit every house where a foal lives in just 1 night.
Background Pony #5823
Don't look so shocked, Glimmer. You know Trixie is always a pain in the a$$.

@Background Pony #59A6
First, we've already established that Trixie, Starlight, and Sunny Boy do regularly play games of chance and make dumb bets. Second, Trixie has shown an ability and willingness to rig a game, but can be foiled by Sunny Boy. Third, Trixie has shown a willingness to…eliminate obstacles to her desires. Fourth, Sunny Boy is the usual victim in this group. Fifth, this stuff is funny and thinking about the background circumstances has potential here. Finally, Trixie is flirting with a horrible death.
Background Pony #59A6
@Brass Beau

First of all, gambling is bad kids, secondly, Trixie is "actively discouraged" from playing any game involving cards or dices in any casino she steps in, thirdly, "winner can do whatever they want with the loser" is tempting reward for Starlight when Sunburst is playing the game, too, fourthly, Starlight will propably no longer purposely lose a game, fifthly, Starlight will also no longer overestemite Sunburst's playing skills
Background Pony #2C64
I like to think Starlight was alone with Sunburst already in the reindeer costume when Trixie barged in with the sleigh, whip, and Santa suit.