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suggestive193562 artist:racoonsan662 diamond tiara11953 rarity220677 human254790 g42066042 ...3313 alternate hairstyle39019 bad influence27 belly button114100 blushing282160 bracelet16345 breasts401237 busty diamond tiara603 busty rarity18018 cigarette5706 cleavage47934 clothes651077 comic137662 crossed arms7932 eyes closed142644 female1845526 french kiss3880 humanized121582 jacket20687 jewelry118049 kissing33323 lesbian119829 midriff25023 older41444 older diamond tiara1162 patreon15495 patreon logo9777 punk3190 raripunk1706 raritiara7 sexy47584 shipping259269 skirt57403 smoke3751 smoking5963 stupid sexy diamond tiara100 stupid sexy rarity2318 wide eyes20093


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Background Pony #9EC5
love th art but not a fan of the smoking, the ship or rarity honestly being a bad role model. smoking should never be encouraged.
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Smoking girls are the hottest! Every sexy girl by smoking becomes even sexier. Alcohol drinking on the other hand I don’t see as sexy at all. Thus I don’t find Berry Punch attractive for me.

Rarity: If we’re going to be delinquents, we might has well look good while doing so. After all, there is no excuse for bad taste darling.
Background Pony #46C6
Gawd dammit, Diamond, that’s disgusting! You couldn’t like, just swap spit?