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Twilight doesn’t need glasses to read, she just wears them to look cute. https://t.co/MK7Pph5xbi
safe1678505 artist:dstears634 smarty pants1475 twilight sparkle296941 alicorn219080 pony941040 adorkable3505 book32877 cookie3597 cute195602 digital art17759 dork3774 female1337976 food68349 frog (hoof)12259 glasses60300 hoofbutt1278 mare467408 monochrome147926 mouth hold17069 plushie23542 simple background384268 smiling240850 solo1045010 twiabetes11503 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122230 twilight's professional glasses115 underhoof50734 weapons-grade cute3617 white background95335


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